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Gravitazz Continental Initiative, referred to as GCI is a Not for Profit organisation with offices in Johannesburg South Africa with a focus on the African Continent.

cropped-logo.pngGCI is advocating for a move from responsive to proactive approach to long term policy and strategic challenges. The organisations supports and strengthens all initiatives geared at promoting good governance, accountability and sustainable management across the African continent and thereby significantly improving livelihoods, contributing to socio-economic development, promoting conservation and empowering communities to determine their own long-term destinies.

GCI strives to get governments, private sector and especially community stakeholders to start thinking of long term implications of decisions taken today. GCI also fosters a spirit of partnership and cooperation through information sharing, networking, and collaboration with other organisations on issues of land governance and water conservation. GCI for example has taken up the neglected but extremely pertinent issue of ‘land grabbing’ whereby powerful multinational companies are buying large tracks of arable land with long term consequences. GCI sees ‘land grabs’ as a potentially explosive disaster in the next 20 to 30 years if not carefully examined and addressed urgently by all stakeholders including governments and businesses with the participation of grass root communities.

Food InsecurityGCI equally seeks solutions by organising open discussions such as dialogues and conferences, workshops etc towards neglected potential disaster issues on the continent with careful attention to the respect of Human Rights, democracy and equality at all levels, while encouraging gender representation and youth involvement and participation.

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