Why a Coalition?

Together with member organisations, GCI after hosting the First African Conference on Land Grabs which took place in October 2014, was tasked with hosting the secretariat for the African Coalition Against Land Grabs.

With the Coalition created, we (GCI) seek to:

10530928_505080749622195_5654062482996954110_n - CopyInfluence public policy, around poor governance to promote inclusion of the marginalised in decision making. Changing community member’s behaviour from a responsive towards a pro-active approach, thus building an all inclusive and healthy community

To address urgent issues and situation around land grabs on the African continent

To empower the community leaders and community members in general to take control of its future by engaging in the struggle to liberate the continent from the new form of colonialism termed ‘land grabs’.

To bring about more effective and efficient delivery of programs and eliminate any unnecessary duplication of effort, by gathering all the players involved in the fight against land grabs.

To facilitate co-ordination between organizations and individuals at both national and regional levels for the purposes of enhancing participation access and responsibility between members.

To increase communication among groups and break down stereotype, by bringing together groups and individuals from many sectors of the community to create alliances working towards a common goal which will help break down barriers and preconceptions around land acquisition.

To plan and launch community-wide initiative on land grabs, to unify efforts around the long-term campaign on land grabs in Africa

To create long-term permanent social change on the continent through its problem-solving focus, this helps to accelerate the process of change in a community.

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