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The Africa Coalition against Land Grabs

In November 2014, GCI and partners organised the First Africa Conference on Land Grabs. This was the first time that coalitionany such conference was organised on the continent and was meant to create a platform whereby stakeholders would be able to reach a common understanding of this new phenomenon and seek mutual solutions. For more on the conference, please see the conference report on: attach link to document and the Midrand Declaration One of the outcomes of the conference was the creation of the African Coalition Against Land Grabs which has its secretariat hosted within GCI. One of the main activities being carried out presently is the global Stop Land Grabs Campaign which was launched in the month of February 2015. As a build up to the November conference, GCI organised the South Africa Dialogue on Land grabs which saw the participation from all sectors of the South African society including the government, civil society and business. The discussion also saw the production of a commissioned report entitled: “Key Drivers and Implications of Land Grabs in Africa and their Long Term Implications for South Africa”. For more on the Midrand Declaration on Land Grabs go to:www.africalandgrabs.co.za More information on the Conference and dialogue carried out by GCI are found in detail on the above website.

Corruption Watch Blog

GCI in collaboration with Corruption watch has a group on the corruption watch space platform where discussions are currently going on around land grabs in Africa. Since research nb4has showed that some of the bad land deals on the continent are done through corrupt means by the officials concerned i making these deals. Corruption watch together with Transparency International who serve as watch dogs against corruption, it just made sense to collaborate with them to host our group on their site as we speak the same language. Our group space is titled “Stop Land Grabs in Africa”. On this platform, we share video, photos and documents, in a way that can build in a way that builds everything into a real data repository. Anyone interested is welcome to join this platform; it only requires a simple log in to join the group.

The Stop Land Grabs Campaign as part of “A Better Africa” Project.

GCI is currently running an online campaign for crowd funding which is runned on the Indigogo space. The reason for this crowd funding is such that we are able to raise the resources needed to access community grass root organisations directly affected by land grabs. The idea is first to raise awareness in communities and countries, as research has proven that there is lack of knowledge on the ills and long term effects of land and water grabs on the continent. High level discussions really don’t tackle the problem, but reaching out directly to the communities, raising awareness through trainings and workshops with the leaders and officials of these communities on the continent can help address the issue better.

nk2Through the crowd funding, we are also looking to conduct proper research so that we have first hand information and facts on the land grabs issue on the continent and thereby confidently approach government officials to lobby for better policies and laws governing land on our continent, and to raise the issue of accountability by our governments.

Finally the crowd funding only demands from as little as $ 10 USD to help make a change on our continent and to avoid the disaster that will plague our continent in some years to come.

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