Our Mission

missionGCI is an organisation with an interest in promoting and strengthening grassroots resilience, indigenous knowledge and civil society pro-action towards neglected issues; particularly disaster prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, land management and long term scenario planning. GCI will, without undue pressure, collaborate with and support partnerships with other organisations in a symbolic manner while respecting the rights of partner organisations, to pursue their own fundraising and programme initiatives.

Our Vision

GCI has as its vision a proactive and sustainable Africa with long term reflection on neglected issues.

Our Core Values


  • Sustainable development
  • Sustainable use and management of land and water resources.
  • Democracy and accountability
  • Economic growth
  • Long-term scenario planning
  • Inclusion of grass root in decision making
  • Capacity building
  • Transparency and community involvement
  • Human rights and Gender equality

Connect With Us

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