What We Do

Our foremost interest as an organisation is to draw attention to neglected issues regarding the African continent. We promote, support and strengthen all initiatives geared at promoting good governance, accountability and sustainable management of land across the African continent and thereby significantly improving livelihoods, contributing to socio-economic development, promoting conservation and empowering communities to determine their own long-term destinies.

what we doThrough research, we seek to influence national, regional and international policy development, implementation, analysis and evaluation of community resilience, indigenous knowledge management and scenario-planning.

GCI works towards creating an enabling environment by influencing legislative frameworks and national, regional and international policy processes which includes long term planning, preparedness and response to potential disasters in Africa and the African Diaspora;

We promote public awareness with respect to community-centred resilience mechanisms on the continent and its diasporas;

whatwedo2_300_200We promote and facilitate the inclusion of community-centred sustainable management of natural resources in Africa in policy discussions and decision-making at national, regional, and international levels;

We serve as a credible source of expertise on home-grown solutions to management of hazards and serve as a readily accessible repository of advocacy tools and information for inter-community and inter-country knowledge sharing.

We collaborate with other stakeholders in achieving GCI aims, maintain links and foster exchanges with related initiatives in Africa.

We seek solutions for, and promote open, informed discussions through dialogues, workshops and conferences. In developing our campaign strategies and policies we ensure our fundamental respect for Human Rights, democratic principles and we promote gender involvement youth participation for the benefit of our communities and hence social equity.

We educate and engage the public on potential disaster issues plaguing the African community. Education is done through training to raise awareness with identified communities.

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